For Students

The following materials are available for students using the Reach Higher program.

Student’s Book

Each Reach Higher Student’s Book:

  • Uses fiction, science, and social studies content to develop English literacy, and the skills and strategies necessary to learn independently
  • Teaches the academic language, vocabulary, phonics, reading, writing, and conversations students need to get an education in English
  • Includes authentic content from around the world to develop students’ understanding of different cultures and viewpoints

Practice Book

A Practice Book for each level of Reach Higher:

  • Reinforces and consolidates the language and content introduced in the Student’s Book
  • Includes pair and group work activities to give students more practice with academic conversations using the target language and content

Online Practice 

Online Practice supports and reinforces core learning content, with a Learning Management System for teachers to assign content and track progress. 

  • Mobile-responsive Online Practice provides activities and games for practice and reinforcement, with immediate feedback. An integrated Student’s eBook, with audio and video resources, offers an option for fully online classes. 
  • Video activities preview and practice core content and academic vocabulary  
  • New reading passage for each unit provides additional reading practice  
  • Phonics focuses on sound-symbol awareness for common trouble spot areas  

Student Companion Site

A Companion Site includes additional content for students, including audio recordings for the Student’s Books and Practice Books, and word lists of academic and content vocabulary.