Install ExamView Assessment Suite and Test Content

Install the ExamView software and test content to edit or personalise the ready-to-go tests, or to create a variety of assessments using the Impact content and/or your own content.

1. Download the ExamView Installer .zip file for your Windows PC or Mac operating system.

2. Open the ExamView Installer .zip file and save the content on your desktop or a selected folder. Then select:

  • PC: "Setup.exe"
  • Mac: "ExamView Installer.pkg"

3. Click Install. The installation Welcome screen is displayed. Follow the prompts. (Note: Be sure to read the To the Teacher document. It has important information about the program.)

Click for help with ExamView on Mac OS 10.15 Catalina.

4. Once installed, launch the ExamView software from:

  • PC: C:\Program Files\eInstruction or C:\Program Files (x86)\eInstruction
  • Mac: Applications\eInstruction

Note: If you do not have a free TurningPoint account, you will be prompted to create one to login and use the software.