New and Updated Features

The following are the new and updated features in the fifth edition of Great Writing: 

  • New unit structure: 1.  Elements of Great Writing, 2.  Building Better Vocabulary, 3.  Building Better Sentences, 4.  Writing.   

  • Updated National Geographic images and content spark students’ imaginations.

  • Updated Academic Writing Models encourage students to analyze and use the features of great writing in their own work. 

  • Expanded Building Better Vocabulary highlights academic words, word associations, collocations, word forms, and vocabulary for writing. 

  • Expanded Building Better Sentences moves from editing to sentence writing and finishes with sentence combining for more refined writing.  

  • New guided online writing practice takes students through the writing process. 

  • New Test Prep section to prepare for high-stakes standardized tests, including IELTS and TOEFL.  

  • Updated rhetorical modes reflect the needs of writing programs. 

Great Writing What's New