Joel Sartore: Saving Endangered Animals

Joel Sartore is a National Geographic photographer and founder of the Photo Ark. This project raises awareness of all animals. Joel wants people to care for, fall in love with, and take action to help save these animals.

Annie Griffiths: Taking Amazing Photographs

Annie Griffiths takes great photographs of people, places and animals. She believes that taking pictures can help you share your place in the world.

Ryan Carney: Bringing Dinosaurs to Life

Ryan Carney is a paleontologist and biologist. As a child, he loved dinosaurs, birds, and animation. Today, he uses his passion for art and science to show how dinosaurs lived.

Nora Shawki: Digging Into History

Nora Shawki loves learning about history. She is an archaeologist who works with a team to dig for artifacts that show how people lived in ancient times.