Teach English through music, motion, and culture with Welcome to Our World Second Edition, a 3-level series for very young learners of English. 

Shape young global citizens and celebrate diversity through traditional songs sung by children around the world and global topics with real-world photos, content, and video. 

Prepare learners for school with projects, games and activities that practice academic, social-emotional, self-care, and motor skills with integrated values instruction. 

Teach confidently and engage parents with step-by-step lesson plans, classroom presentation support, professional development materials, and home-school resources. 

With preparation for literacy, numeracy, and phonics, and a focus on real communication in EnglishWelcome to Our World prepares very young learners to use English and join a world that’s waiting for them. 

  • Age-appropriate, global topics with real-world content 

  • International children’s Songs and The Sounds of English for language, culture, and phonemic awareness 

  • Contextualized Vocabulary and Concepts presentation and practice 

  • Language in Use lessons with sticker activities for modeling and practicing correct form 

  • Prewriting practice and Numbers instruction 

  • Video for lesson instruction, language presentation, and world exposure 

  • End-of-unit Projects to demonstrate learning 

  • Mid- and end-of-level Games and Review for extra practice  

  • Chant and Song lyrics for easy parent access 

  • Three-Step Lesson Routines for easy teaching 

  • Companion Site access for audio and video