Young Learners Webinars

What's New in Our World, Second Edition with Series Editor Dr. Joan Kang Shin



Our World, National Geographic Learning’s best-selling series for young learners of English, is now in its Second Edition!

Join Series Editor, Dr. Joan Kang Shin, as she discusses what she learned from working with teachers and students of Our World, First Edition, all over the world and how the new edition improves the Our World teaching and learning experience.

Dr. Shin will share

  • Experiences from real Our World classrooms
  • Insights into the creation of the second edition
  • The most exciting second edition updates including: more real-world and cross-curricular content, improved grammar lessons and practice, an all-new, mobile-responsive online practice platform, and more!

About the Speakers

Dr. Joan Kang Shin is an Associate Professor of Education at George Mason University and the Academic Program Coordinator of the Teaching Culturally & Linguistically Diverse & Exceptional Learners (TCLDEL) program. Dr. Shin specializes in teaching ESL/EFL to young learners and teenagers and has provided professional development programs and workshops to EFL teachers in over 100 countries around the world. She is a Series Editor of National Geographic Learning’s young learner programs Welcome to Our World, Our World, and Explore Our World, as well as the teen program Impact, and an author of the professional development title Teaching Young Learners English.

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