The Stand Out Experience

Administrators and instructors from Pui Tak Center in Chicago, Illinois explain their experience choosing and teaching from adult ed ESL series, Stand Out, in their program.



In being a part of the curriculum committee, we had a couple things that we were looking for. We wanted to see a book that our students would be able to relate to that would be useful in daily living.

When we looked at Stand Out, there was an immediate attraction by the members of the committee. They liked the fact that it did something different. Many of the other ones just seemed to take a cookie cutter approach to teaching English.

We like the layout of the books and then you do have a lot in the units. Then you have videos right inside the chapters and I'd never seen that before. We went through about eight to ten different books.

But when it came to a vote, Stand Out won unanimously.

I think the activities are very engaging. They're very practical. They bring in life skills that the students must know.

In adult education, one of the foundational elements is to be able to engage with adults on the level of motivation where they're at. So if they're motivated to learn, and they are, because they know that they're using this in real life, they're gonna be able to really ask further questions and probing questions. One thing I love about it is the presentation. You're not just lecturing at them. You're already engaging with them at the presentation level. And then you're gradually releasing them to be able to show what they're learning. And by the evaluation stage, they're out on their own using it. One of my students, when I taught the unit on health, was able in her post-cancer treatment, to utilize that English, to have those kinds of serious and genuine conversations with her doctor. And so for my students to be able to come back to me and say, hey, here's how I'm using the English that we're learning in class in my day-to-day life experiences, just meant the world.

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