Explorations: Short project-based courses for young learners

Discover how Explorations program for young learners uses National Geographic Explorers to teach STEAM lessons and supports learning through hands-on projects in English.



Apollo chooses to be one of our first partners to roll out the Explorations Program, which is an innovative approach to learning about the real world through English.

We created Explorations because we want students to have a learning experience that takes them beyond the textbook, and to get closer to the real world and the amazing work of the Explorers.

Do you like to take pictures? I do. I love to take pictures. Hi, my name is Joel Sartore. I'm a photographer.

Our mission to make global citizens means we focus on more than just teaching English.

Who is it, what do you know about it?


Okay raise your hand.

It is a photographer!

Photographer, okay, what does he photograph? Does he photograph cars?

Adventure and animal.

Adventure and animals, very good.

[Peter] Core future skills, like critical thinking and creativity, are incorporated into our lessons, as well as math, science, and other subject content. The fact that the Explorations Program uses authentic materials is a big appeal for us at Apollo, as it helps bring learning beyond the confines of the classroom, and challenges our students in completely different ways. The chance to interact with bespoke content built around two amazing National Geographic Explorers demonstrates how our students too can become global citizens that can make a positive impact on the world.

[Kiel] In each course, learners meet engaging National Geographic Explorers who introduce Steam Topics in English through a series of age appropriate language lessons. And at the end of each course, learners get the chance to practice their English and show what they've learned through an interactive hands-on project.

[Peter] Project-learning is a fantastic way to get hands-on with language or a topic, and really interact with it in a personal way. I think the whole mark of a successful project lesson is that the students feel that pride in what they have learned and really enjoy sharing that with others.

Parrots are birds, parrots are omnivores.

Giraffes, giraffes come from Africa.

[Kiel] Each Explorations course is fully supported with helpful teaching resources, making it easy to bring learning to life in any classroom as a short course, or in addition to any core curriculum. To learn more about Explorations, visit ELTNGL.com/explorations.

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