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Students deserve to find as exciting a world in the classroom as they will encounter outside of it. Discover how our materials focus on authentic content that motivates English learners to want to know more.



At National Geographic Learning, we publish textbooks for learning English, and we're proud of that. A lot of people associate the word textbook with dull, dry material and bored students, and that may often be true, but we don't think it has to be. We see a textbook as a doorway to the world, the tool of exploration, a foundation for a life of learning. We want our books and all our learning materials to capture this incredible world, bring it to the learner, and bring learning to life. We think students deserve to find as exciting a world in the classroom as they will encounter when they venture out of it.

Our mission is to bring the world to the classroom and the classroom to life. To achieve that, we focus on content – content that is, above all, authentic and compelling, fascinating, and often incredible. If you ever came across a copy of a National Geographic or a TED Talk that made you curious enough to open the magazine or watch the talk, then you understand the impulse that we are appealing to in our publishing. We believe that learners deserve great content – content that inspires curiosity, motivates learning, and reflects the world in which they live. So our textbooks look like workbook versions of National Geographic or a TED Talks conference program. We are teaching English and we are teaching the world. In our programs, students will find photos that open their eyes and make them want to learn, stories that open their minds and stimulate their imagination, and ideas that inspire curiosity and critical thinking and above all, the desire to communicate.

Our goal is to give students reasons to communicate and the ability to do so effectively. We want each student to find her or his own voice in English. The world is an incredible place, and we want our textbooks and other learning materials to reflect that. We can't imagine publishing any other way, and we think you'll see that when you look at our materials. Thank you for listening.

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