Pathways, Second Edition: Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking

Language(s): American English

Level(s): High-beginning, Low-intermediate (US), Intermediate, High-intermediate, Advanced, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1


​Pathways, Second Edition, is a global, five-level academic English program. Carefully-guided lessons develop the language skills, critical thinking, and learning strategies required for academic success. Using authentic and relevant content from National Geographic, including video, charts, and other infographics, Pathways prepares students to work effectively and confidently in an academic environment.​

  • Clear student writing models and guided online writing practice train students to become stronger and more confident writers.
  • Expanded video "Viewing" sections includes an additional reading to give integrated skills practice.
  • "Vocabulary Extension" activities, covering word forms, colocations, affixes, phrasal verbs, and more, boosts reading and writing fluency.
  • Exam-style tasks prepare students for a range of international exams, including TOEFL® and IELTS.

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