Weaving it Together, Fourth Edition: Connecting Reading and Writing

Language(s): American English

Level(s): Beginning, Low-intermediate (US), Intermediate, High-intermediate


Weaving It Together, Fourth Edition helps learners build reading and writing skills through relevant readings and carefully structured writing exercises. By balancing these two necessary competencies, learners seamlessly develop both language and academic skills.

  • New and updated readings, featuring National Geographic explorers, motivate students to apply essential reading skills.
  • Writing skills are introduced and practiced following every reading, guiding students through the writing process.
  • "Discussion" and "Critical Thinking" sections challenge students to increase comprehension while analyzing the reading passages.
  • "Reading from Literature" sections in every level expose students to an important reading genre.
  • Contextualized vocabulary practice helps students build academic vocabulary.
  • "Weaving it Together" sections include timed writing prompts and critical thinking questions, further connecting the unit theme to reading and writing skills.

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Milada Broukal

Milada Broukal has taught English for over thirty years in North America and Europe. She has worked in all areas of the field, including syllabus design, teacher training, classroom teaching, and has ... more
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