English Insights

Language(s): British English

Level(s): Pre-intermediate (UK), Upper-intermediate


English Insights is a motivating series for students at secondary level. It combines an acclaimed approach to learning English with stunning National Geographic images, DVD clips and articles.

Through English Insights students visit amazing places and fascinating cultures, develop real-world language skills and acquire skills for effective study including critical thinking, study and writing skills.

  • Writing Insights to develop students' spelling, punctuation and paragraph-writing skills
  • Working with words to develop students’ understanding of how the lexical system works
  • Test your skills to train students to tackle listening, reading and exam-type tasks with confidence
  • Culture sections to explore aspects of the English-speaking world
  • CLIL sections to discover science, technology, nature, history and geography through English
  • True stories about National Geographic explorers and people who have made a difference to our world
  • Projects provide multi-modal learning opportunities
  • Grammar GPS reference section provides all the grammar students need to know and is cross-referenced to each unit

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