A Good Read 1: Developing Strategies for Effective Reading

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Language(s): American English

Level(s): Beginning

Authors : Carlos Islam; Carrie Steenburgh


128 Pages  Paperback 

1st Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2009

©2010, Published

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A Good Read is a three-level reading strategies course, intended for young adult and adult learners. The series promotes fluent and effective reading through specially-written texts, extensive coverage of reading strategies, and an explicit focus on lexical development. Co-authored by Carlos Islam, ...more


Texts cover a wide range of topics and text types, exposing learners to different types of reading

Comprehensive range of reading strategies developed through clear, easy-to-read explanations and explicit practice.

Lexical phrases, such as collocations, phrasal verbs, and verb phrases, are highlig ...more

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A Good Read 1: Teacher's Guide


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A Good Read 1: Audio CD


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