Life, Second Edition


6 Levels

Beginner to Advanced

American and British English

Up to 120 Teaching Hours/Level

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Bring the world to your classroom with Life, Second Edition, a six-level integrated-skills series with grammar and vocabulary for young adult and adult English language learners.

Through stunning National Geographic content, video, and engaging topics, Life inspires a generation of informed decision-makers. With Life, learners develop their ability to think critically and communicate effectively in the global community.

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John Hughes

John Hughes is an award-winning ELT author with thirty years’ experience of teaching and teacher training. He has worked with learners and teachers from all over the world and is a well-known conferen... more

Paul Dummett

Paul Dummett is a teacher and writer based in Oxford, UK, where he ran his own school teaching English to professionals from 1996 to 2006. He currently teaches refugee children in Palestine and Jordan... more

Helen Stephenson

Helen Stephenson first taught business English in the 1980s. She has written in-house training courses and a course for upper-secondary students. Sh... more
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  • Student's Book
  • Student's eBook
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From the Classroom

Teachers talk about Life in their classrooms.

New to This Edition

The following new and updated features of Life, Second Edition are based on extensive research and consultation with teachers and learners from around the world:

  • UPDATED global content in the unit themes and reading selections
  • UPDATED video material featuring additional video support for vocabulary learning
  • NEW specially-selected National Geographic photography stimulates learners’ visual literacy skills
  • REFINED grammar syllabus with increased scaffolding and an enhanced reference section
  • EXTENDED and better-integrated critical thinking syllabus actively engages students in their language learning, encouraging them to develop their own well-informed and reasoned opinions
  • NEW ‘My Life’ speaking activities encourage learners to relate the global content to their own lives
  • NEW ‘Memory Booster’ activities improve students’ ability to retain new language
  • IMPROVED Classroom Presentation Tool now includes the Workbook pages, academic skills worksheets, extra support, and extension activities
  • NEW Student’s Web App includes video, audio for the Student’s Book and Workbook, grammar practice, interactive reading practice, expanded wordlists, and games

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