Wonderful World, Second Edition

Language(s): British English

Level(s): A1, A2, B1


Explore the world with your students and discover its wonders – all while developing the English skills they need to become successful global citizens. Through spectacular National Geographic video and inspiring photography, Wonderful World, Second Edition helps students travel the globe, learning about different countries, cultures, people and their customs.

With clearly structured methodology and explicit grammar instruction, this six-level series is packed with fascinating facts that spark curiosity, personalisation activities that get your students talking, and new online resources that make it even easier to bring the world to the classroom and the classroom to life.

  • Grammar Books for each level provide additional presentation, explanation and practice.
  • Video lessons featuring authentic National Geographic content introduce the wonders of the world to your students.
  • Say it! activities relate lesson content to students’ lives and get them talking.
  • Captivating unit-opening activities engage, focus and inspire your students.
  • Sounds of English activities support pronunciation and sound recognition.
  • Revised vocabulary and exercise types improve alignment with the Cambridge Young Learners English Tests (CYLETs).
  • More frequent Review sections consolidate your students’ learning through additional practice.
  • A fresh, modernised design makes the series simple to use and a joy to teach.

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National Geographic Learning

Interactive Whiteboard Software incorporates all of the teaching resources for the series, including:
  • Digital Student's Book, Workbook and Grammar Book pages with embedded audio and video
  • Games and activities for every lesson
New and updated online resources for teachers and students further extend learning opportunities.

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