World Pass Advanced

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Language(s): American English

Level(s): Advanced, C1, C2

Authors : Susan Stempleski; Nancy Douglas; James R. Morgan; Kristin L. Johannsen; Andy Curtis


176 Pages  Paperback 

1st Edition

©2006, Published

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To help students expand their fluency, World Pass focuses on dynamic vocabulary building, essential grammar, and stimulating listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities that emphasize the language they need for real world communication.


"Language Focus" sections highlight essential grammar points and provide opportunities for fluency practice through a wide variety of communicative activities.

For added conversation fluency practice, each "Listening" section ends with an "Ask & Answer"discussion task.

Each "Speaking" section pres ...more

New to this Edition

A "Vocabulary Builder" activity helps learners expand vocabulary through the use of particular vocabulary-building tools, such as learning to use word families, root words, or compound nouns.

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World Pass Advanced: CNN® Video


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World Pass Advanced: Teacher's Edition


World Pass Advanced: Teacher's Resource Book


World Pass Advanced: CNN® DVD


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World Pass Advanced: Combo Split A


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World Pass Advanced: Workbook


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World Pass Advanced: Audio CD


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World Pass Advanced: Workbook

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World Pass Advanced

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