Reflect Listening & Speaking 6

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Language(s): American English

Level(s): C1

Author : Kristin Donnalley Sherman



1st Edition

©2022, Published

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Relatable, student-centered content combined with essential academic-skill instruction make the new six-level Reflect series unique. As students interact with the engaging content, they not only master English but also navigate their place in the world. Reflect builds students' confidence and helps ...more


IDEAS – Real-world content from National Geographic and other sources invites students to explore interesting ideas for discussion, enrichment, and fun.

ACADEMIC SKILLS – A clear framework of academic and critical thinking skills prepares students for future listening and speaking success.

STUDEN ...more

Instructor Components
National Geographic Learning Online Placement Test


National Geographic Learning Online Placement helps institutions place each learner at the right English ability level and provides a pathway into National Geographic Learning materials. Our holistic... more

Reflect Listening & Speaking 6: Teacher's Guide


Student Components
Reflect Listening & Speaking 6 with the Spark platform


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Reflect Listening & Speaking 6: Spark platform, Instant Access


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$43.00 CengageBrain

$43.00 College Bookstore Wholesale