Time Zones, Third Edition


5 Levels

True Beginner to Pre-intermediate

American English

Up to 4 Teaching Hours/Week

Time Zones CEFR Chart


Time Zones, Third Edition uses amazing photography, updated videos, and inspiring stories of global citizens to encourage teenage learners to explore the world in English.

Through teacher-tested language lessons, carefully scaffolded practice activities, and teaching resources that keep classrooms engaged, Time Zones, Third Edition delivers the skills and language that learners need for wherever they’re going next.

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Nicholas Beare

Nicholas Beare has been involved in English Language Teaching for more than thirty years. After taking a BSc (Honours) Degree in Psychology, he trained as an English Language teacher. Since starting h... more

Ian Purdon

Ian taught English as a foreign language in Europe and Asia before embarking on a career in ELT publishing as an editor and materials writer. Over the past 13 years, he has developed numerous programm... more

Jennifer Wilkin

Jennifer Wilkin has more than 20 years' experience as a curriculum developer, materials writer, editor, teacher trainer, and school director. She is the founding director of Science, Language & Arts I... more

David Bohlke

David Bohlke has over 30 years of experience as a teacher, teacher trainer, program director, editor, and materials writer. He has lived and worked in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, Saudi Arabia,... more
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  • Student's Book
  • Student's eBook
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New to this Edition

  • Two videos in every unit help students see more of the world and make personal connections with the unit theme.
  • More grammar and vocabulary activities in each unit deliver more guided language practice for in-class use.
  • Clear unit goals and review activities encourage learner independence and self-assessment.
  • Audio recordings with a range of international accents expose learners to natural English.
  • Updated technology resources make Time Zones easy to use in and out of the classroom.
  • Different activities in the Workbook and Online Practice offer more practice opportunities out of the classroom.
  • An expanded Starter Combo level with six complete units is ideal for short courses for true beginners.