Time Zones Starter Combo with Online Practice

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Language(s): American English

Level(s): Starter, Pre-A1

Author : Nicholas Beare



3rd Edition

©2021, Published

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Time Zones, Third Edition uses amazing photography, updated videos, and inspiring stories of global citizens to encourage teenage learners to explore the world in English. Through teacher-tested language lessons, carefully scaffolded practice activities, and teaching resources that keep classrooms ...more


Authentic stories of fascinating people, places, and events from around the world help learners make connections to their own lives.

Frequent practice activities help learners use English to talk about global topics and prepare for international exams.

Teaching support resources – including the co ...more

New to this Edition

Time Zones Online Practice includes original practice activities that work on any device.

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Time Zones Starter Combo: Teacher's Book


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Time Zones Starter Combo: Online Practice Printed Access Card


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