Keynote Elementary with DVD-ROM

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Language(s): British English

Level(s): Elementary (UK)

Authors : Paul Dummett; Helen Stephenson



1st Edition

©2018, Published

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Through life-changing stories, respected thinkers and authentic presentations, Keynote promotes a deeper understanding of the world and gives students the courage and means to express themselves in English. Communication, collaboration and creative thinking drive students towards real 21st century ...more


AUTHENTIC LISTENING – carefully selected, supported and exploited. Tailored to work in the classroom. Both Native Speakers and Non-Native Speakers

21st CENTURY SKILLS SYLLABUS – Critical Thinking, Visual Literacy, Digital Literacy, Global Citizens

REAL WORLD INSPIRATION – Not only through TED Talk ...more

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National Geographic Learning Online Placement Test


National Geographic Learning Online Placement helps institutions place each learner at the right English ability level and provides a pathway into National Geographic Learning materials. Our holistic... more

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Keynote Elementary Interactive eBook without key


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Keynote Elementary Workbook + Workbook Audio CD


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Keynote Elementary myELT Online Workbook


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