Reach for the Stars C with Online Practice and Student's eBook

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Language(s): American English

Author : Lada Kratky



1st Edition

©2023, Available February 2022

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Reach for the Stars is a three-book phonics and early literacy program that prepares very young learners to study school subjects in English. It combines best practices for teaching phonics with real-world photography to help learners read, write, and talk about themselves and the world around them.


Systematic phonics instruction is taught through real-world examples and photography.

Songs and chants introduce the language and vocabulary learners need to speak confidently.

Video and projects help learners develop key social-emotional skills for school success.

Instructor Components
Reach for the Stars C: Teacher's Book


Student Components
Reach for the Stars C: Online Practice and Student's eBook, Instant Access


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Reach for the Stars C: Student's Book


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