21st Century Communication, Second Edition

Listening and Speaking

4 Levels

Elementary/High Beginner to Advanced

American English

Up to 52 Teaching Hours/Level

21st Century Communication CEFR Chart

Big ideas inspire many viewpoints. What's yours?

21st Century Communication, Second Edition, a four-level series, presents big ideas from TED and National Geographic Explorers to engage students in English. Each unit explores one idea from different angles to prompt students to think critically and express their own opinions, while teaching the skills needed to communicate with confidence. Through inspiring models of effective communication, students develop essential listening and speaking skills to achieve academic success for the 21st century.

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Laurie Blass

Laurie Blass is a writer and editor specializing in print and digital English Language Teaching materials. She has an M.A. in Linguistics and a TESL certificate from the University of Pittsburgh and h... more

Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams is an author, teacher, and teacher trainer. She was a professor of Applied Linguistics for more than 30 years at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she prepared hundreds of ... more

Lynn Bonesteel

Lynn Bonesteel became interested in international education and cross-cultural communication over thirty years ago when she spent her junior year abroad studying Latin American topics and linguistics ... more

Christien Lee

Christien Lee, who has dual Canadian and British citizenship, has worked in English Language Teaching for more than 20 years. His roles have included teacher, teacher trainer, curriculum developer, ma... more
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