Stories Worth Reading 1

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Language(s): American English

Level(s): Beginning

Authors : Betsy Cassriel; Gail Reynolds


134 Pages  Paperback 

1st Edition

©2006, Published

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Lots of books explore topics such as Music, Cultures, and Work, but have you read about... the pianist whose concerts are like fireworks? the fishermen of Myanmar who use dolphins to catch fish? the girl who became vice president of a toy company at aged 13? STORIES WORTH READING uses up-to-date, ...more


Three readings per unit explore the unit topic and recycle vocabulary.

Vocabulary skills development highlights dictionary skills, identifying parts of speech, synonyms and antonyms, and more.

Small group discussion activities encourage students to use their new vocabulary.

Writing models support ...more

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Stories Worth Reading 1 & 2: Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView®


CD-ROM allows teachers to quickly customize tests

Stories Worth Reading 1 & 2: Instructor's Manual


Student Components
Stories Worth Reading 1: Audio CD


Have you read about the hard-working, uneducated woman who gave the gift of education to others? If not, choose STORIES WORTH READING! STORIES WORTH READING contains fresh reading passages relevant to students' lives... more

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Stories Worth Reading 1

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