The Angels: Page Turners 3

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Language(s): American English

Level(s): Beginning, A1

Authors : Sue Leather; Julian Thomlinson


32 Pages  Stitched binding 

1st Edition

©2012, Published

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It's Samorn's first week at Brenton College in the US, and she already wants to leave. She misses Thailand, her family, and most of all, her boyfriend Lek. So when Lek asks her to come home, Samorn knows she has to make a hard decision...

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The Angels: Page Turners 3 (5- Pack)


The State Cheerleading Championships are coming, and Fleur really wants the Brenton Angels to win. Now that she is the coach, she finally has the chance to make it happen.But Fluer soon learns that winning isn't easy, and often comes with a price...

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The Angels: Page Turners 3

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