Well Said, New Edition

Language(s): American English


The Well Said series is designed to improve the pronunciation and communication skills of beginner to advanced students from all language backgrounds. Both levels offer a clear course plan covering the essential areas of pronunciation, including stress, rhythm, and intonation--features that research shows help students the most. Additionally, there are over fifty pages of supplemental activities focusing on consonant and vowel sounds. Key features of the series:

  • Easy-to-teach chapter structure progresses from controlled activities to communicative, emphasizing pair and group practice.
  • NEW Online Workbooks provide auto-graded activities that reinforce all rules and sounds presented in the book.
  • UPDATED content to reflect the latest research in second language pronunciation.
  • UPDATED Companion Websites for teachers and students, including the full audio program. The teacher’s site also includes the Instructor’s Manual with teaching notes, and more.

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Linda Grant

Linda has pursued her interest in first and second language pronunciation for over forty years. She has taught ESL students at Georgia Tech, internat... more

Eve Einselen Yu

Eve Einselen Yu has been in the field of English Language Teaching and Linguistics for twenty years. She fell in love with the field as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Slovak Republic. Since then, she ... more