World Class 1 with Online Workbook

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Language(s): American English

Authors : Nancy Douglas; James R. Morgan


176 Pages  Paperback 

1st Edition

©2013, Published

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World Class is a two-level series from National Geographic Learning for high-intermediate and advanced English language learners. This integrated-skills program uses National Geographic content, images, and video to help learners expand their overall fluency while developing the tools and strategies ...more


KNOWLEDGE – Learners enhance their understanding of the wider world through stunning images, engaging readings, and fascinating video from National Geographic.

CONNECTIONS – Learners are motivated to connect the thematic content to their lives, bringing relevance to every unit and inspiring cri ...more

Instructor Components
World Class 1: Presentation Tool CD-ROM


World Class 1-2: Classroom DVD


World Class 1-2: Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView


World Class 1: Online Lesson Planner


Student Components
World Class 1: Combo Split B with Online Workbook


World CLass 1 eBook, Instant Access


World Class 1: Online Workbook, Instant Access


World Class 1: Online Workbook, Printed Access Code


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