English for Professional Success: Professional English

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Language(s): American English

Level(s): Intermediate, B1, B2

Authors : Hector Sanchez; Eric Tejeda; Norma Gonzalez; Arturo Frias; Isa Tirado; David Ramos


113 Pages  Paperback 

1st Edition

©2006, Published

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The purpose of English for Professional Success is to empower students with the language and life skills they need to carry out their career goals. To this end it provides ample opportunities for students to build awareness and practice the language in real-life scenarios. Its integrated skills appr ...more


An integrated four-skills approach breaks with the traditional practice of reading/vocabulary ESP instruction.

Two-page lessons provide a variety of work situations that will interest and motivate students specializing in any aspect of the field.

A grammar reference allows for review and self-stud ...more

Instructor Components
English for Professional Success: Teacher’s Resource Book


The Teacher's Resource Book provides teachers with photocopiable test materials, step-by-step teaching notes, answer keys, and photocopiable activities to extend reading, writing, communication... more

Student Components
English for Professional Success: Audio CD