New Business Matters: Business English with a Lexical Approach

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Language(s): British English

Level(s): Upper-intermediate, High-intermediate, B1, B2

Authors : Mark Powell; Ron Martinez; Rosi Jillett; Charles Mercer


176 Pages  Paperback 

2nd Edition  |  Previous Editions: 1996

©2004, Published

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NEW BUSINESS MATTERS is a stimulating language course for students of business English. Its unique lexical syllabus precisely identifies what business students need to learn in order to increase their understanding, fluency, and communicative power in English. Each unit is based on a specially wri ...more


Thoroughly updated units plus four entirely new units reflect changes in the global business world.

Each unit contains Reading, Language Focus, Discussion Topics, and Fluency Activities.

Workbook includes exam-style exercises to help students prepare for the BEC Vantage exam.

New to this Edition

Four listening-based skills units focus on the language of meetings, presentations, telephoning and negotiations.

A glossary of key business vocabulary has been added.

Fifteen authentic CNN® video segments, supported by worksheets in the back of the Coursebook, reinforce the topics covered in each ...more

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New Business Matters: Workbook