Just Right

Created especially for young learners of English, Our World Video is fully integrated into the Our World teaching and learning materials, with 30 fun-filled minutes of video for each unit.

To make it easy to use in the classroom, every episode of Our World Video is provided in manageable clips and available on Video DVDs as well as Classroom Presentation Tool DVDs, for use with an interactive whiteboard or simply a laptop and projector.

Bringing the world to the classroom and the classroom to life…

We create English programs that are inspiring, real, and relevant. Students learn their world by experiencing it through stories, ideas, photography and video of National Geographic and TED.

Our programs for young learners and teenagers create a solid foundation for learning about the world, and help students find their own voice in English.


Language(s): American English


Just Right is an integrated English language course that combines exciting stories with everyday life skills, making it easy for learners to use, and simple for teachers to adapt.

Available Titles

Jeremy Harmer

Jeremy has an international reputation as an author, teacher trainer and expert in ELT methodology. His course materials and teacher's guides are used in over 40 countries www.jeremy-harmer.com

Carol Lethaby

Carol has been in the field of ELT as a teacher, teacher trainer, consultant and materials writer since 1986. She has lived and worked in the UK, the USA, Austria, France, Greece and, for 14 years, in... more

Ana Acevedo

Ana Acevedo has over 30 years experience as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language. She has worked as a teacher trainer in Mexico and the UK and has presented at many international conferences in ... more

Ken Wilson

Ken has written nearly 30 ELT titles for various publishers, some of which were designed for specific regions of the world, including China, Spain and Central Europe. He has also written more than a h... more

With four different video clips per unit, each with its own unique instructional purpose, World Link now offers the most comprehensive and engaging video program! The new edition now features video from authentic sources like National Geographic and YouTube! Explore the videos that support Intro, Unit 9:

Previous Edition

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Learn English with TED Talks is a supplemental resource for use in any English language classroom. The language learning app and teaching resources help learners understand and discuss powerful ideas from TED Talks in the classroom.

Fully supported with easy-to-use classroom resources, including lesson plans and a Classroom Presentation Tool, Learn English with TED Talks supports any English language curriculum and inspires learners to find their own voice in English.

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