Sounds Great 1: Low Intermediate Pronunciation for Speakers of English

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Language(s): American English

Author : Beverly Beisbier


172 Pages  Paperback 

1st Edition

©1994, Published

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SOUNDS GREAT teaches learners to discover, recognize, and use American English word stress, sentence stress, intonation patterns, and high-frequency vowels and consonants. The many guided conversations, pair and small group practices, information gap activities, peer interviews, and short oral repo ...more


Units progress from controlled practice to communicative activities.

Individual, pair, and group work.

Inductive approach gives learners the opportunity to discover pronunciation rules and patterns.

Awareness building drills and ear training exercises for word and sentence stress, intonation and ...more

Instructor Components
Sounds Great 1: Instructor's Manual


Instructor's Manual to accompany SOUNDS GREAT 1.