Instant Discussion: Photocopiable Lessons on Common Topics

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Language(s): British English

Level(s): Intermediate, Upper-intermediate, B1, B2

Authors : Richard MacAndrew; Ron Martinez


96 Pages  Paperback 

1st Edition

©2003, Published

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INSTANT DISCUSSIONS is a photocopiable resource book for teachers. It contains 40 discussion lessons, which give students the opportunity to talk about interesting, important, and current issues. Each lessons consists of two pages of texts, language work, discussion questions and activities. INS ...more


Contains: 40 stimulating lessons, unit by unit notes with answers, ready-made lessons for the busy teacher.

The following 40 topics are covered: Teenage rebellion Incredible stories Naming and shaming criminals Neighbours from hell Choosing names How we use E-mail Price and value Are we all crimina ...more

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