World Windows 3 (Science): Magnets

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Language(s): American English

Author : National Geographic Learning


16 Pages  Stitched binding 

1st Edition

©2012, Published

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Explains that a magnet is an object that attracts metal objects. Provides examples of magnets in the classroom (e.g. black board) and has children bring magnets to the classroom. Students learn key vocabulary such as magnet, repel, south pole, north pole,


Carefully leveled content introduces literacy strategies to prepare young learners for future learning success.

Each level comes with a CD-ROM which includes audio recordings, songs, games and interactive pages to support literacy work.

Four-color workbooks provide additional vocabulary, reading c ...more

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World Windows 3 (Science): CD-ROM


Teacher's supplemental Science CD Rom

World Windows 3 (Science): Teacher's Guide


World Windows introduces young learners to essential themes and concepts in Science and Social Studies, through National Geographic photography and content. Using non-fiction readings, World Windows helps ... more

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World Windows 3 (Science): Magnets Workbook