Language(s): British English

Level(s): Beginning, Elementary (UK), A1, A2


SPiN is a three-level course that takes students on an adventure in English language learning as they discover the sights and sounds of National Geographic. Supported by original animation, students learn English through the presentation of fascinating and age-appropriate real-world facts.

With SPiN you can teach English in a meaningful way that promotes world knowledge, cultural sensitivity and concern for the planet.

  • Beautiful National Geographic photography used throughout
  • Follow the story of Kristie, Mikey and Adam and as they travel the world with their magic globe
  • Carefully graded, non-fiction reading texts based on National Geographic content
  • A comprehensive syllabus that addresses the needs of students at beginner level
  • Useful speaking and writing support as well as lesson-by-lesson key word lists at the back of the Student's Book

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