World Wonders

Language(s): British English

Level(s): Beginning, Elementary (UK), Pre-intermediate (UK), A1, A2, B1


Bring the world of English language learning to life through breathtaking images and fascinating facts which interest and stimulate students. Teach them about the world they live in, its people, its customs and its wonders.

World Wonders is an exciting four-level course that incorporates stunning National geographic photography and non-fiction reading texts inspired by National Geographic content.

National Geographic material is also included on the DVD, available for each level. The course has been specially written to capture the attention of young learners in beginner to pre-intermediate classes.

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Michele Crawford

Michele Crawford is an ELT writer, editor and project manager with over fifteen years' experience creating primary and secondary classroom materials, mainly for Greece, Spain and the Middle East. She ... more

Katy Clements