Rio Grande do Sul Chapter
April 6
Caxias do Sul, Brazil
Pernambuco Chapter
April 12 or 13
a confirmar, Brazil
Triângulo Mineiro Chapter
April 13
Uberaba, Brazil
Cultura Directors Conference - Cultura Inglesa
April 25 to 28
São Luís, Brazil
VOICES SIG e Brasília Chapter
April 26
Brasília, Brazil
Manaus Chapter
May 1
a confirmar, Brazil
May 4
a confirmar, Brazil
Rio Grande do Norte Chapter
May 11 or 18
a confirmar, Brazil
Bett Educar
May 14-17
São Paulo, Brazil
Espírito Santo Chapter
May 18
a confirmar, Brazil
Goiânia Chapter
May 18
a confirmar, Brazil
Bahia Chapter
May 24
Brasília Chapter
May 24 or 25
a confirmar, Brazil
Santa Catarina Chapter
May 25
Blumenau, Brazil
Ribeirao Preto Chapter
May 25
Colégio Santa Ursula, Brazil


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