Young Learners Webinars

Nurturing Reading Success in Young Learners of English



What does it mean to be able to read? Once you’ve mastered the technical skill of learning to read, it becomes very hard to remember just how you achieved it, or even what it feels like to not have this ability at your command. At this point – and indeed for the rest of your life – you graduate to the more meaningful position of using reading to learn.

In this talk, we will consider various strategies that can be used to help young learners become competent readers in English. Then, once they are there, how reading can be harnessed as a powerful tool to teach both English and content areas such as science, history, culture, creative writing, and beyond.

About the Speaker

Rachel Wilson has been based in Asia for more than 25 years writing, editing and training in the field of English language teaching and, more recently, environmental education. She is passionate about diversity, the natural world, global issues, and the many ways that education can provide opportunities for all. Originally from Britain, Rachel lives in Hong Kong with her husband and two young children. She is the level 2 author of Look, a series for young learners of English, published by National Geographic Learning.