Young Learners Webinars

Managing Mixed Level Classrooms for Young Learner Teaching



Walk into almost any English-language classroom and you’ll encounter a mix of students with a range of abilities, interests, learning styles and English levels. It can be very challenging, then, for teachers to provide their students with the individualized support and instruction they need to learn best while also moving the whole class and curriculum forward as required. And if the differences in English levels between students are vast, it can feel impossible!

In order to promote learning opportunities for all our young learners and enable all of them to achieve to the best of their abilities, we must find ways to tailor our lessons to support the abilities and English levels of all students in our classroom, not only the majority. But how?

In this webinar, teacher trainer Anna Hasper will provide a variety of practical ideas for managing the mixed-level young learner classroom and adjusting our lessons to serve the needs of all students without modifying the expected language outcomes.

About the Speaker

Anna Hasper is a teacher, trainer and international English Language Teaching consultant based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Anna’s specialty is enabling teachers within local constraints, such as limited resources, to become the best teacher they can by enhancing all students’ learning opportunities through engagement. She has been working in the ELT industry for over 13 years and has worked on various projects for the british Council, International House, Ministries of Education, private schools, education providers and publishers in primary, secondary and vocational contexts. She loves exploring new places and learning about different cultures and has worked in a variety of countries such as China, Jordan, Iran, Uganda, Senegal, Algeria and Armenia. She currently writes and trains teachers for publishers and delivers a variety of Cambridge accredited teacher training courses (TKT, CELTA, YL Ex & Delta Module 3) around the world.