Young Learners Webinars

The Magic of Reading: Using Stories to Promote Literacy and Learning



Offering young learners wonderful stories, with interesting images and clever plots, is an essential part of our students’ journey towards literacy. More than that, learning how to listen and feel the magic that’s concealed within the pages is a crucial part of childhood! In this webinar, we will explore ways in which we can include Story time sessions and reading work in our classes. I will share practical tips on how to prepare your students and how to involve them, but more importantly, let’s talk about how to touch their souls and make meaningful connections to their lives through storytelling.

About the Speaker

Graduated in Drama, Design and Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Lucy Crichton is a teacher, teacher trainer and storyteller who has given lectures and workshops around the world. She has been writing for the primary classroom since 2008 and has been involved in projects in South America, Europe and Asia. Lucy is the founder of The Secret Garden English School in Florianopolis, where she teaches children and teenagers using, music, art, drama, gardening and cooking. She has been living and teaching in Brazil since 1992.