Young Learners Webinars

21st Century Skills for Young Learners



As teachers and educators, we want to prepare our students for the 21st Century world. We want to engage them, encourage their independence, nurture their curiosity and motivate them to find out more. But at the same time, we also have to cover a syllabus and ensure that students are learning English in a guided and structured environment. How can we transform our classroom into a place where students not only learn the grammar, functions and vocabulary of the English language, but also develop the skills needed to explore this ever-changing world?

In this webinar we will consider why 21st Century skills are important and how we can develop and encourage them in our students. I will examine some of the ways we can integrate the core skills of critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration into our language lessons and, using examples from National Geographic courses Impact and Look, I will show how these skills can naturally evolve from language learning tasks.

About the Speaker

Katherine Stannett is based in West Sussex, England and is an author with over twenty years of experience in editing, writing and developing materials to teach English. She specializes in writing for children and teenagers at all levels and is particularly interested in the development of 21st century skills. She is an author of National Geographic Learning’s Look, a seven-level series for young learners of English, and Impact, a five-level series for teenage learners of English.