Teens Webinars

TED Talks for Teens: An Idea Worth Spreading



Today’s teenagers are more connected than ever before, and eager to explore exciting new ideas from around the world. In this session, we’ll look at how using TED Talks in the language classroom raises expectations of what our teenage learners can achieve. By focusing lessons around powerful ideas from TED Talks, teens are able to explore fresh perspectives on universal topics, develop their own informed opinions, and communicate effectively in person and in writing.

About the Speaker

Daniel Barber is a teacher, trainer and writer based in Cádiz, Spain. He's taught classes of all types and ages over more than twenty years as well as tutoring and directing Trinity TESOL courses and managing his own school. He is an author for National Geographic Learning's Perspectives series. His interests include motivation in learning, coaching approaches to teaching English and the science of learning and the brain.