Teens Webinars

Motivating Teenage Learners in the Classroom



Teenager learners bring with them their own sets of challenges but also tremendous opportunities. In this webinar, I'll be looking at ways that we can overcome the challenges and harness the opportunities to create a truly motivating classroom. I’ll share some ideas on how to begin and end your lessons so that your students will start each class wanting to find out more and finish feeling positive and engaged. I’ll also give some top tips on how to develop your students’ creative and critical skills, motivating them to become more self-directed and independent.

About the Speaker

Katherine Stannett is an author with over twenty years of experience. She spent two years in Japan in the 1990s, teaching English to a wide variety of students in different settings. She is the co-author of several successful secondary series and has also written articles, songs and raps for popular EFL magazines. She has written two levels of the new National Geographic Learning course for young teenagers, Impact. She is an author for National Geographic Learning's new series for young learners, Look. Katherine has given presentations and run workshops in countries around the world, including Poland, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Honduras, Nicaragua, Spain and Slovenia and also conducts webinars from her home office in the UK.