Teens Webinars

The Flipped Classroom: The role TED and technology can play to get students speaking



Getting students engaged in meaningful conversation in English can be a challenge for teachers. This presentation will share how a flipped-learning approach can promote effective in-class discussions and learner autonomy.

With the use of TED Talks and technology, learners can be provided with more opportunities to practice English with immediate feedback outside the classroom, so they can show up and take part in purposeful interaction in class.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • the main factors that hinder oral production
  • techniques to help learners overcome speaking difficulties and enhance oral language development
  • concrete ideas for designing tasks for talks

About the Speaker

Hsu-Ping Tuan received her M.A. in TESOL through the PK-12 program at Teachers College, Columbia University. She also holds an M.S. in Brain Science from National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan. She was awarded the Teachers College, Columbia University John F. Fanselow Award for developing outstanding ESL materials. She is a certified ESL/ENL teacher in New York State, and has extensive teaching experience in the US and Taiwan. She dedicates herself to adapting ESL curriculum for students in EFL contexts so that students can achieve better learning outcomes. She is also interested in integrating the latest research findings of neuroscience and English teaching to facilitate students’ learning. Currently, she trains teachers for publishers and delivers talks on flipped learning for universities in Asia.