Teens Webinars

Exploring Global Topics from Multiple Perspectives in Teenagers’ Classes



Does the knowledge enshrined in school text books and curricula provide teenagers with all they need to know to become true global citizens? How can we help equip them with the skills needed to navigate these complex times as critical consumers of information? In this practical webinar, let’s explore how we can inject more up-to-date content around those perennial topics (travel, the environment, food, health, ...) so that students learn to look at the world with an open perspective and a critical mind.

About the Speaker

Daniel Barber is a teacher, trainer and writer based in Cádiz, Spain. He's taught classes of all types and ages over more than twenty years as well as tutoring and directing Trinity TESOL courses and managing his own school. He is an author for National Geographic Learning's Perspectives series. His interests include motivation in learning, coaching approaches to teaching English and the science of learning and the brain.