Teens Webinars

Empowering Teenagers to be the Change the World Needs



We can all make a difference. That belief is the foundation of a global citizenship education, which aims at preparing students to be actively engaged in making this world a better place to live. Today’s teenagers are concerned about the world that they share, both from a local and a global perspective. Not only do they want a change, they want to be that change.

Our role as educators is clear: we need to provide our learners with the communication skills and content knowledge they need to help create the future they want. How can we do that? How can we make our classrooms into a space for students’ voice and choice?

In this webinar, we will explore these big questions and reflect upon our role as educators of a new generation – one that has a lot to say, and a lot to do.

About the Speakers

Luciana Fernández is a graduate teacher of English who has been teaching English for the past twenty-three years. She specializes in methodology and teaching practice. She holds a diploma in Educational Research from the University of Cambridge. She is a reading and literacy expert and has been training teachers for the past ten years. She has designed several presentations and courses for professional development both in Argentina and abroad. Her presentation at ARTESOL 2015 was selected to be presented at TESOL International as a Best Affiliate Session. She is one of the 50 scholarship winners who attended and presented at IATEFL, held in Birmingham in April 2016.

Currently, she is a Learning Consultant and reader for National Geographic Learning. She is also a facilitator at ESSARP (English Speaking Scholastic Association of the River Plate), where she trains administrators and teachers from bilingual institutions in Argentina.