Teaching Adult Webinars

Using Technology to Encourage Face-to-face Conversation



Today’s classrooms and today’s learners are more connected than ever. As our learners spend more time engaging with new technology, how can we make sure that the time spent on their devices will lead to better lessons and better learning outcomes? How do we select the right technology tools to improve classroom instruction and motivate learners to express themselves confidently in face-to-face communication?

In this webinar, we will use examples from Learn English with TED Talks to explore how the right technology tools can lead to better comprehension of powerful ideas, and help develop our learners into confident communicators in any situation?

About the Speaker

Alex Warren is a DELTA trained teacher trainer with over 14 years’ experience of working in ELT as a teacher, academic director and teacher trainer. Working for National Geographic Learning, Alex is driven by his passion for developing teachers on a global scale and helping them to reach their true potential. A firm believer in a communicative approach to language learning and student centred learning, Alex enjoys working with innovative, thought-provoking materials and presenting on a wide range of ELT-related topics.