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Re-imagining the Curriculum: Meeting the Grammar Needs of Today’s Students



We know that grammar is important in mastering a new language. Teachers agree. Learners agree. As a result, the curriculum of most programs talks specifically about grammar that their students will study in their courses. How does your program teach grammar? Perhaps you use a book specifically for grammar, or maybe you use a book with grammar integrated throughout. However, a very important question for teachers to consider in 2017 is which grammar we are teaching. Are we teaching grammar that our students need? Or are we teaching grammar because it is what we learned many years ago.

In today’s talk, we will look at the grammar needs of today’s students as we consider: (1) verb tenses in academic writing, (2) verb tenses in conversational English, and (3) vocabulary + grammar (the specific vocabulary connected with one grammar focus, modals). We will look at actual examples from student writing and spoken English as well as teaching materials that reflect this new information. In 2017, it is time for all of us TESOL educators to really put our learners’ true English needs at the forefront.

About the Speaker

Dr. Folse is Professor of TESOL at the University of Central Florida, where he has taught in the undergraduate TEFL program, the master’s in TESOL program, and the PhD in TESOL program. He has taught English in the U.S., Japan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. He research has appeared in TESOL Quarterly, TESL Reporter, Language Teacher (JALT), Perspectives (TESOL Arabia), among others. His main research interests are best research-based teaching practices in teaching grammar and vocabulary in ESL. He has done teacher training all over the world and is the author of 67 textbooks, including six books in National Geographic Learning’s Great Writing as well as three books in the Grammar for Great Writing.