Teaching Adult Webinars

The Questions We Ask



Sugatra Mitra suggested that good questions unlock learning. What are those questions in English language teaching? Who asks them? When? What answers and feedback do they provide? What questions are taught in course books – including Outcomes – and what might they reveal about principles behind them? What questions might teachers ask themselves to develop? In this webinar, Hugh Dellar and Andrew Walkley will answer these questions from their own perspectives and hope to raise a few more questions for teachers of English everywhere.

About the Speaker

Andrew Walkley has 25 years’ experience as a teacher, trainer and materials writer. He is currently the co-director of Lexical Lab ( an educational services provider specialising in course design and consultancy, material writing and teacher training. With Lexical Lab, he runs a variety of training courses for people in English Language education as part of a Summer school. He is the co-author of several coursebook series - Outcomes, Innovations and Perspectives (National Geographic Learning) and the methodology book Teaching Lexically (Delta Publishing).