Teaching Adult Webinars

The Art of Making Students More Employable with Stand Out



Preparing your students to become more employable while meeting new goals like College and Career Readiness can be challenging. Learn how to incorporate meaningful activities in your classroom while empowering your students to learn English, develop key employability skills and prepare for future endeavors. In this webinar, Rob Jenkins, one of the authors of Stand Out, will address how Stand Out exceeds the requirements set by WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act), and helps students develop and master the skills employers are looking for in today’s workforce. Communication, Collaboration, Teamwork, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Leadership, and Organization are among the key employability skills that are seamlessly woven into the series in a variety of engaging activities with real world applications. Rob will demonstrate how Stand Out uses Critical Thinking Activities, Problem Based Activities, and Team Projects to successfully prepare your students for future success in the workplace and beyond.

About the Speaker

Rob Jenkins is a professor of ESL for Santa Ana College School of Continuing Education in California. He is a recipient of the Santa Ana College Distinguished Faculty Award. Rob is also a textbook author and consultant for National Geographic Learning. He is the author of Stand Out and series editor for World English, and Grammar Explorer. Rob and Staci Johnson, his co-author, were awarded the Heinle Outstanding Achievement Award for their contribution to publishing in 2013.