Teaching Adult Webinars

Effective ESL Instruction using the 4 C's



Addressing standards in teaching makes us good and effective teachers. In this webinar, Rob Jenkins and Staci Johnson, authors of Stand Out: Evidence-based learning for College and Career Readiness, will address what it really means to incorporate the four C’s that we learn about through the National Education Association as 21st Century Skills. What is “authentic” communication and “real” collaboration? What makes critical thinking tasks effective. Learn all of this and more.

About the Speakers

Rob Jenkins is a professor of ESL for Santa Ana College School of Continuing Education in California. He is a recipient of the Santa Ana College Distinguished Faculty Award. Rob is also a textbook author and consultant for National Geographic Learning. He is the author of Stand Out and series editor for World English, and Grammar Explorer.

Staci Johnson has taught all types of adult ESL, including credit and non-credit college and workplace English. She holds an MA in Linguistics with a Teaching ESL Certificate. She is a co-author of Stand Out, published by National Geographic Learning, now in its third edition. Rob and Staci were awarded the Heinle Outstanding Achievement Award for their contribution to publishing in 2013.