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We invite you to join us in professional development conversations with English Language Teaching specialists, speakers from the TED stage, National Geographic Explorers, and others in the English Language Teaching field.

Upcoming Webinar

7 Steps Towards Creativity in the Language Classroom

Most teachers agree that creativity in the language classroom is a positive thing. However, many of us don’t always agree on what creativity means or how we might achieve it. In this webinar I’d like to explore our definitions of creativity and the reasons behind them. In particular, I’ll challenge the belief that effective creativity is only about thinking ‘outside the box’ when in fact effective creative thinking often occurs ‘inside the box’. By providing learners with frameworks and templates to work within, your students can use language more creatively, resulting in relevant, authentic and motivating communication. The webinar will include seven steps towards making your teaching more creative with plenty of practical ideas that you can use with your students tomorrow.

“I love attending your webinars because the platform is easy to use, I find it very interactive, I meet other colleagues, the hosts are experts in their fields and I appreciate the fact that NGL is providing an online platform for everyone to learn a bit more and become a better teacher so we can all contribute to a better education. I definitely support this initiative.”

- Veronica Molina, a teacher in Venezuela

“Thank you so much for giving us some real concrete ideas. I've done so many seminars in the past and come away with nothing. Not the case here - I can't wait to go and try some of these ideas.”

- Tasha Borgars, a teacher in Italy

“I'm a teacher, teacher trainer and Director of Study and I find it really exciting to see how NGL is using technology to inspire teachers all over the world. I love the comments window and observing teachers' reactions and interactions.”

- Adriana, a Teacher from Brazil